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8 Leadership Lessons from Darth Vader

After leadership lesson learnt from Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Harley Quinn it’s now time for the master of the dark side himself: DARTH VADER! Who else would know better than him what the dark side has to offer?! Give credit where credit is due     Great leaders acknowledge great work and give credit where…

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Key Takeaways – Dysfunctional Leadership Conference

Absentee Leadership Scott Gregory CEO Hogan Assessments

On Wednesday the “Dysfunctional Leadership Conference” took place in London. Here are our main takeaways from two of the speakers, who were no less than Scott Gregory, CEO of Hogan Assessments and Professor Adrian Furnham. Let’s start with Scott Gregory‘s talk about Absentee Leadership Research shows that managers are typically fired for one of 11…

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“Wer seine dunkle Seite nicht kennt, wird zum Risiko” – FAZ Interview

Vor knapp einem Jahr, am Samstag, den 21. Oktober 2017, wurde in der FAZ (kurz für Frankfurter Allgemeine) Stephanie Bosch‘s Interview zum Thema “Explore Your Dark Side” im Bereich Berufe und Chance veröffentlicht. Der Artikel und die dahintersteckende Thematik sind noch so relevant wie vor einem Jahr! Die Online Version des ganzen Interviews finden Sie hier bzw…

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Trick or Treat?

Halloween Yesterday was Halloween. Why is it that many of us then get creative and embrace our dark sides publicly? What’s the beauty behind exploring who you could be? The safe environment maybe? Because on this particular day everyone does it! What about all the other days though? Wouldn’t it be great to explore your…

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