What happens when you ditch your mask?

It’s been a while since I’ve published a post here – but this doesn’t mean that nothing has happened! In fact, a lot of things have happened and one of those things is the new project Ditch Your Mask!

Ditch Your Mask by Explore Your Dark Side

Ditch Your Mask by Explore Your Dark Side

I never thought I would dare to film this video, but I eventually did. So, here’s what “Ditch your Mask” is about, why it’s so close to my heart and my very personal own story of removing the mask.

As I didn’t plan or at the beginning even dared to show up on my own, I invited brave souls to show up with me. The result is a bunch of great interviews – a full variety of topics, challenges and different masks and of course the life-changing effect of removing the mask.


#1 ‘Ditch your Mask’ interview with Kim Parker

Kim Parker is a leading intuitive coach bringing professionals and executives home to love so that they can create what they truly want naturally and with ease.

She does this through private coaching and group retreats for professionals and executives who are at a threshold. Kim supports people to be true to their heart’s calling, to step up into their powerful and resourceful self, and to be and have everything they long for, knowing that “it’s all in them”.

She intends to bring ‘love’ to the boardroom, changing the face of business today, so that everyone wins, without compromising either wellbeing or profits. Her clients report greater clarity, a fresh understanding of how they actually create their experiences and the results they get in their lives, the resources to embrace and create change, and increased happiness.

Kim was a solicitor for over 20 years, so she understands the pressures on professionals and executives. She has been coaching since 2009 and been featured in national newspapers, online professional publications, BBC and local radio.


#2 ‘Ditch your Mask’ interview with Drew Winslow

As a teenager Drew was thrust into a management role in a major retailer. As a result, he found that the best way to manage people was actually to be able to influence them in a positive and supportive way. With this early introduction to the world of influencing and communication, he quickly found his passion in life and moved into training in order to spread that passion for people and how they interact.

Having been a soft skills trainer for more than 25 years now and watched the ways in which people are influenced on a daily basis by media, their family, their friends and their bosses he currently works with people on how to resist influencing and manipulation to regain control of their daily choices and begin living as they choose.

A key element of influencing and manipulation is often related to the mask we wear, or others force us to wear, which is what we will be talking about today.


#3 ‘Ditch your Mask’ interview with Amanda Hart

Amanda Hart has been an intuitive consultant for over 23 years helping people to overcome adversity, to help them find their power and voice. By helping them to remove the negative programs that have caused their destructive cycles in various ways, it not only helps them to align to their authentic self, but it awakens them to their innate power, healing and creative expression. Once realigned, clients find their people, their place in this world and often their purpose.

Her memoir ‘The Guys Upstairs’ released in 2015, quite unexpectedly changed her life having battled personally with years of domestic violence, addictions, depression and debilitating conditions, post-meningitis. Endorsed by key experts such as Professor Evan Stark (author of ‘Coercive Control’) and DCI Steve Jackson (National Domestic Abuse Co-Ordinator, College of Policing), she had no idea of the impact that book would have on her personally, as well as others.

Some may know her as one of the finalists on Britain’s Psychic Challenge on Channel 5, a presenter for The Soul-Searching Show on My Spirit Radio and columnist for Soul & Spirit Magazine. Today she speaks publicly about her story, to help others make sense of theirs.


#4 ‘Ditch your Mask’ interview with Isla Suddek

Isla helps shy men and women improve their social confidence so that they can create opportunity and authentic connection anywhere, anytime and turn boring journeys on the tube into exciting, memorable moments, turn fear of group conversations into valuable networking opportunities and transform small talk at work into adventurous, stimulating conversations.

Isla combines her experience in coaching, improvisation and her own personal development. She delivers one-to-one coaching and group workshops on topics such as body language, authentic conversations, identity-shaping, mindset and more. Isla’s life mission is to turn London into a socially connected city. A city where strangers speak on buses and share their wildest dreams. Where friends ask the question ‘how are you?’ and they really mean it.


#5 ‘Ditch your Mask’ interview with Lauren Chiren

Lauren Chiren, is a former six-figure earner in financial services, turned executive health coach. She uses her psychology, nutrition, treatment and training experience to work with your mindset and transform old ingrained behaviours into healthy ones. Founder of ‘Women of a Certain Stage’ she mentors female executives to maintain peak performance throughout their menopause. Also educating large employers on the menopause and implementing systems to retain and ensure top female talents flourish.

Lauren also developed the Get Your Sparkle Back & A Moment of Me Time programmes, enabling client’s to take back control of their life, to feel calm and composed and enjoy their relationships at home and work again. To support clients needing rapid transformation, Lauren offers Deep Dive Executive VIP days with optional ad hoc support, for those moments you just need to regain your composure, or need a dispassionate sounding board external to your day to day life.

She’s worked here and in the states with national sports teams and well-known faces such as Dustin Hoffman and Anastasia.

“Letting you live the life you deserve and be free from the one you are trapped in.”

More interviews will follow! Published on Sundays via YouTube!

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