Key Takeaways – Dysfunctional Leadership Conference

Absentee Leadership Scott Gregory CEO Hogan Assessments

On Wednesday the “Dysfunctional Leadership Conference” took place in London. Here are our main takeaways from two of the speakers, who were no less than Scott Gregory, CEO of Hogan Assessments and Professor Adrian Furnham. Let’s start with Scott Gregory‘s talk about Absentee Leadership Research shows that managers are typically fired for one of 11…

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Poor Performance – Beyond Lacking Ability and Motivation

Benefits Hogan Assessments - why you need a Hogan Assessment

Performance is one of the most, if not the most important, KPI’s for business success. It’s often talked about. But what exactly is performance? And what makes bad performance? Job performance can occur at different stages and with a different focuses (task performance etc.). To get a common understanding of performance I’d like to share with you…

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