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We all have a dark side. Behaviour that could derail our careers and make us less successful. Do you know yours? If not, get in touch so we can do something about it before it becomes a real risk. 

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The dark side. We all have it. Ready to explore yours?

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"Stephanie Bosch, based in London, has “old school knowledge”, yet loves “new school behavior”. She has assisted board members on the finance industry and knows how they operate from closely working with them. Her approach is characterized by high assessment quality, based on her background in an executive search company. Stephanie questions the status quo in order to foster exponential growth."

Relevant Management Consultancy

"I got to know her as an absolute ambitious, collaborative and great performer. She always was a highly accepted and sought after person for her colleagues. Stephanie always played her communication strength, has come across as a highly motivated and determined individual with a high level of drive and passion. Her contribution and her work results have exceeded my expectations so far. She has always made great use of her expert knowledge within projects. Furthermore, she has displayed a quick apprehension and high motivation to familiarise herself with any new matter. She has been able to stay concentrated and focused even under time pressure and in times of increased workload. I would like to work together with her at any time in the future.

Patrick B, Director Sales & Operations

"I got in touch with Stephanie during my start-up phase and experienced Stephanie as an excellent sparring-partner! We organized peer-coaching sessions for us and I was really impressed with Stephanie's skills and talents. I value her modern and unconventional attitude and her openness toward other people's thinking and individualism.

Marina O, Management Coach

"Simply loved working with Stephanie and can only recommend her. Aside from her professional and different approach to work, I got some great insights from her personality assessment. The feedback was extremely helpful and came up with an individual development plan, so I could actually use them effectively - not only for work but also personally. Would definitely work with her again."

Barabara U, Senior Manager

"Stephanie is a detail oriented, professional and hardworking individual. From day one, Stephanie hit the ground running with her enthusiasm and upbeat personality. I highly recommend Stephanie as a colleague and friend."

Sarah M, Talent Acquisition Consultant and Entrepreneur

"I know Stephanie for several years, but this time I went to her to conduct a Hogan Personality assessment.
In the beginning, I was sceptical about the value that this assessment would add, and if it will provide me with any new insights that I didn’t know before…But later I was positively surprised. The assessment can mainly assess 3 different areas: How people perceive you in general, how people perceive you under pressure, and what are your main drivers and motives. What I loved so much was the analysis & explanation that Stephanie provided later after the assessment. She showed a high level of knowledge and awareness regarding what she is speaking about, and she tried to simplify the assessment results as much as she can. She also told me how to benefit from the results of this assessment in my day to day life. She was specific, very professional but at the same time very friendly. If you are searching for a personality assessment, then I highly recommend Hogan Assessment with Stephanie."

Mohamed Hanbal - #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Leadership & Performance Consultant & Coach, Professional Speaker


"Stephanie brings a lovely plot twist to how we’ve been experiencing leadership development so far. If you felt the need for a new perspective, one which is daring and a manifesto for self-exploration and acceptance at the same time, then wonder no more. To me, hearing Stephanie on ‘Leadership Lessons from Evil Characters’ made me reflect on the power of re-framing. It showed once more how eye opening can be to look at the familiar from new, unexpected angles. Does it take courage to accept, get closer to, explore and understand your dark side? Many of us would agree it does. But is the journey rewarding? More than any other development experience I have been through!"

Madalina Mihai - Technology L&D Solution Design Lead, Vodafone Shared Services

"Stephanie is an advocate of Neale Donald Walsch that affirme: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. She act as a catalyst to dismantling our dark side and to use this hide potential to obtain spectacular results."

Mircea Mihai - CEO at EXELO


"Stephanie has been a great help to our small and new team in terms of personality profiling and ascertaining areas for focus/development so we can all function better. She was both incredibly efficient and fun to work with, and her career means she is able to call on personal experiences to empathize and illustrate her points."

Abi Carter - Director of Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation; Chair of Paddington Development Trust


"Stephanie is a true gem, helping me when I was unable to help myself. Kindly giving her time, skills and expertise to help formulate my elevator pitch, which by the way is killer now. Engage with her and you will get a refreshingly honest, quirky (in a good way) and most helpful response, plus you will never look back. Get her in your life, you’ll be glad you did"

Simon Fuller